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All It Takes Are 3 Simple Steps

Hi, Matt Garrett here,

Video marketing is one of the hottest ways around to make money. That’s why tons of video maker softwares and courses were sold in the last couple of years.

However, these alone are not enough to make profitable videos.

There is NO point in creating a flashy video if no one cares about the topic.

You can have great animations for your video. Written the best possible video script. Even set it all to a catchy music soundtrack.

It’s still NOT enough.

Not even top rankings are enough if there’s no commercial value in the traffic.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to waste a single minute creating a video that doesn’t make me money.

Over 10 Years In Niche
Marketing Taught Me That The Money Is In The Details ...

And these details are what can make you money as a video marketer.

Currently, the only option is hours of painstaking research in order to find the most profitable video topics and keywords possible. But doing that manually takes way too much time and effort.

I decided there MUST be a way to automate the entire process. Eliminate unprofitable videos topics and keywords completely.

My team and I have a LOT of experience mining data, and have access to tools that are often out of reach for many independent marketers. But this kind of high quality data is ESSENTIAL to eliminating guesswork when it comes to profiting with video.

We’ve already released the groundbreaking Niche Reaper software with over 1 million keywords in its database … and it’s still being used for profit by THOUSANDS of marketers.

We wanted to create something even MORE powerful for video marketers. So I asked my crack team of developers to create a 100% automated software to do all the video research heavy lifting for me.

At first, I didn’t let anyone else in on my video research tool. And my income exploded. .

Constant, Ongoing Passive Profits Thanks To This Software”

These are just a few screenshots from just ONE of my video ad accounts. The big story here is this income is COMPLETELY PASSIVE . . . and was generated entirely from my new video research tool.

I should say it was generated by AUTOMATION . . . because shaving hours off the research process meant I could make more videos - faster.

More video traffic to my offers & opt-in pages = more earnings.

And, my software told me IN ADVANCE which video topics would get traffic and were commercially viable - no guesswork was involved!

Software That Finds Video Niches Worth $Thousands In Monthly PASSIVE Income

Life-changing results for me AND my beta testers

Create Your Own Multiple Income Streams

From Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, Ad Revenue and More. . .

Video Maker Or Video Marketer?

Anyone can make a video. But very few actually PROFIT from them.

There are plenty of great tools out there that allow anyone to make truly great videos. But very few SYSTEMS to show people how to actually make MONEY with their videos.

That’s where this software and complete marketing system come in. To fill the massive hole in the video marketer’s toolbox.

Tired of Guessing Whether Or Not Your Video Will Be Profitable?

You’ll never have to wonder whether or not your video will be profitable EVER again.

Create money-making videos the very first time . . . and every single time.

Discover the video topics and keywords with maximum profit potential . . .


The Missing Piece Of The
Video Marketing Puzzle

Profitable Video Topics In Seconds!

  • Uncover PRE-QUALIFIED hot trending video topics with LIMITLESS profit potential in seconds. . . even in ULTRA competitive niches
  • Eliminate unprofitable topics and keywords - save hours of wasted time and effort
  • New topics and keywords added daily - to dominate ANY niche of your choice

Before I took VidReaper public, I had it developed to my personal specifications.

It’s different from ANY other video research tool on the market.

You’ll get MORE than just keywords and tags. It helps you discover video topics with server-melting traffic and high earnings potential . . . AND costs a fraction of my competitor’s video marketing tools.

VidReaper Had to Pass
ALL My Strictest Tests. .

Before I unveiled VidReaper to the public, it had
to tick all these boxes:

  • Cut the time needed for boring video research down from hours to mere seconds
  • Filter results by user specifications to hone in on the competition in specific niches like a heat-seeking missile
  • Have a huge database of PROVEN profitable video ideas users could access 24/7/365 . . . and add fresh video titles to exploit every minute (5000 new titles added daily!)
  • Be so easy-to-use even brand new video marketers could make profitable videos EVERY single time
  • Cost pennies on the dollar compared to other video research softwares

And That’s Exactly What VidReaper Does...
Here's What Some Top Video Marketers Think...

Log In, Uncover The Hottest Video Topics & Buying Keywords, Dominate ANY Niche Of Your Choosing

VidReaper Delivers COMMERCIALLY PROFITABLE AND HIGH TRAFFIC Video Topics On A Silver Platter!

VidReaper is a ground-breaking video research tool. It’s the missing piece of the money-making puzzle for video marketers.

First, it combs through the massive 60 million+ YouTube videos
that are ranked in Google.

Instantly eliminates any that don’t qualify based on ranking, traffic
and other key indicators.

Then uses our UNIQUE algorithm to return only results of videos
and topics that are profitable.

Filter results by social likes and shares, video duration, category, comments, backlinks and more . . . You’ll see at a dashboard glance which keywords are bringing in buyer traffic

Watch The Video Below To
See VidReaper In Action:

NEVER Waste Another Moment Creating An Unprofitable Video … And Forget About Ever Doing Boring Research Again

Automation Puts Your Video Marketing Success On Autopilot

  • Tap into and crush ANY market you want - even find lucrative untapped niches … the database has over 500,000 PROFITABLE video titles already with another 5000 being added every single day
  • Fills in the gaps in the market when it comes to finding the ideas, topics, titles and keywords to create videos around . . . ensuring your videos WILL get traffic and have plenty of profit potential
  • 24/7 LIVE updating - the software constantly scours freshly released videos and pre-qualifies them so you’ll always have the most up-to-date info on what topics are working NOW
  • HARD data means REAL results. Unlike a loophole or hack that may stop working tomorrow, VidReaper relies on high quality data backed by industry leading tools like Majestic SEO… numbers you can count on to exploit video niches that get you paid!
  • 100% AUTOMATED research - choose your filters, and VidReaper does all the grunt work of video research . . . and does it to your exact specifications

You’ll NEVER See An Easier
To Use Video Research Tool

So user-friendly . . . completely intuitive interface gives new video marketers all the data they need to make cash-sucking videos at a glance.

Yet . . . VidReaper has sophisticated metrics to satisfy the demands of advanced video marketers, too.

Gain the confidence you’ll have ALL the data you need to find the perfect topic for your next video . . . because of the ability to drill down deep and refine your searches with VidReaper.VidReaper makes long, tiresome sessions wracking your brain to find a money-making idea for your next video are a thing of the past.

You’ll NEVER waste a single minute on topics with poor traffic and no commercial value again.

Press The Easy Button For Video Research - VidReaper!

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I’m opening up VidReaper up for a VERY short time at special launch pricing. If you don’t act NOW you’ll never see it offered at this price again. And fair warning - we’ll be moving to monthly recurring pricing after this launch closes.

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Vid Reaper

“Traditional” Video Research Is Leaving YOU Broke!

YouTube has over 60 million videos in its library.

No one has the time to comb through this colossal amount of videos and find which titles are money makers - and which are a complete waste of your time and energy.

Uncovering the right title is like uncovering a diamond hiding in plain sight. Missing out on these gems is costing you a bundle . . . and you might not even realize it!

Getting in early on a trending topic can make the difference between making ENORMOUS profits or settling for mere crumbs. Every day that goes by without jumping on board hot trending topics is costing you PLENTY in missed profits and opportunities.

The Video Marketer’s ‘Secret Weapon’ - Like Having Your Own FULL TIME Research Team!

VidReaper works tirelessly in the background mining data for you 24 hours a day - harvesting the only most PROFITABLE video ideas ripe for YOUR exploitation.

Because it fetches the freshest videos daily into its database, you’ll NEVER run out of profitable video ideas.

They’ll be waiting for you every time you log into VidReaper - you’ll be able to take on the most competitive video niches without a shred of doubt . . .

See at a glance all the untapped niches with UNLIMITED profit potential YOU can quickly take advantage of . . . without spending a second in ANY boring manual research!

Fresh Income Streams
At Your Fingertips

There are so many ways you can earn with VidReaper.

So why would you limit yourself to only one?
With VidReaper you can diversify your income streams in multiple ways:


Google loves video content, because it keeps readers engaged on your site for longer. This lowers your bounce rate - a major Google ranking factor. Result? You’ll get even MORE organic traffic and sales.

List Building

Use video to drive traffic to your landing pages to grow your subscriber base. Grow your list FAST for push button income on demand.


Dramatically boost your conversions with powerful demo videos for a hungry crowd desperate for trending products in their niche

Facebook Marketing

Daily video views on Facebook have overtaken views on YouTube! Get more engagement on your FanPages . . . and in the process, drive waves of FB traffic to your landing pages and offer via video to skyrocket your profits

Passive Ad Income

Monetize your videos with AdSense for a completely passive profit center. VidReaper makes research so easy, you’ll be able to make videos super fast. The more videos you make, the more you’ll earn!

Rank And Bank For
Passive Profits All Day Long

  • Step by step video tutorials show EXACTLY how to use VidReaper to make profitable videos for your YouTube channel, FanPages and blogs
  • Each video result in the database INCLUDES a “ranking blueprint” so you’ll know exactly how to create videos that OUTRANK the competition
  • Custom training on how to both MONETIZE and RANK your videos quickly and easily … free traffic and passive profits on tap
  • ZERO technical skills needed to take full advantage of the system

Who Is VidReaper For?

  • List Builders who want to grow hyper targeted lists of eager-to-buy subscribers
  • eCommerce Sellers who want to send their conversion rates through the roof and get more sales than ever before
  • SEO Marketers who want to reduce their bounce rates by keeping readers on their website pages longer . . . which Google rewards with better search engine rankings and more organic traffic
  • Bloggers who want to want to increase reader engagement and create compelling content that drives sales
  • Social Media Marketers who want to capitalize on the growing number of video views on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Vine
  • Niche Marketers who want to grab immediate attention and engagement with niche audiences . . . and build authority in their niche
  • Video Marketers who want to fill the gap between creating videos with the new video making softwares - and actually making money with them

VidReaper Gives Marketers UNLIMITED Options To Dominate Their Chosen Niche

With Your Investment In VidReaper Today,
You’ll Receive INSTANT Access To:

VidReaper Software

The most advanced research tool for video marketers which serves up daily fresh, hot video topics, titles and keywords to exploit for FAST rankings, huge email lists and MASSIVE profits

Access To The Growing VidReaper Database

With close to 500,000 video titles already in the database, and 5,000 new titles added daily, you’ll never run out of ideas for SERP topping niche videos

Comprehensive Training

Not only will you receive full training on the software, you’ll discover how to exploit niche markets and monetize your videos for hands-off profits

Lifetime Software Updates

Not only will you receive full training on the software, you’ll discover how to exploit niche markets and monetize your videos for hands-off profits

Unparalleled Customer Support

Relax knowing we’ll be constantly improving and updating the VidReaper for you

There’s Only One Catch:
You’ve Gotta Claim Your Copy
Of VidReaper NOW!

VidReaper will only be offered as a Lifetime license for the duration of this launch. Once the launch is over, we’re taking this offer off the table. Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.

There is NO other competitor who offers all the advantages of VidReaper for a low, one time investment. Our biggest competitors’ charge as much as $500 per month for comparable services.

I want to make this game-changing tool available for any marketer ready to take action NOW. Unfortunately, because of the large investment I made in developing VidReaper, I simply can’t offer this pricing for long.

Once this limited-time launch is over, the software and training bundle will move to $67 PER MONTH pricing…

Why pay more when you don’t have to?

Make the decision now to actually make some money with video marketing.

Do it RIGHT NOW while you can reserve your copy of VidReaper at the best

“Matt, How Do I Know VidReaper
Will Work For ME?”

I’m So Sure VidReaper Will Work For YOU, I’ll Guarantee It.

Any offer I make is based the principle of saving us both time and money.
If my products don’t meet this criteria, they don’t see the light of day.

I’m 100% confident VidReaper meets these both these criteria. I believe you’ll benefit in many ways from your investment in VidReaper today. So here’s my ‘no-quibbles’ guarantee:

It’s Time To Make A Decision . . .

Are YOU ready to:

  • Tap into any niche market you choose, and be able to virtually guarantee you’ll be profitable from the start?
  • To create hands-free passive income, effortlessly build your list, and ramp up your affiliate and eCommerce earnings fast?
  • Never waste another moment, or a single dime, making an unprofitable video?
  • Get FREE traffic which boosts visitor engagement, melts resistance to buying and helps your blog’s organic rankings?
  • Fast track your status as an expert on social media to build trust and credibility - the secret sauce for explosive sales?

Press The Easy Button For Video Research - VidReaper!

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Next Price Increase in. . .

This EXCLUSIVE offer won’t be around much longer.

I was on the fence about making this software available to the public in the first place - because it’s so effective! So grab VidReaper NOW, before I come to my senses and price it at what it’s really worth.

Vid Reaper
P.S. My products speak for themselves, so I don’t feel any need to pressure you into buying them. However, I do want to remind you that time IS running out to secure your copy of VidReaper at the lowest price it will ever be offered. You’re fully covered by my no quibble guarantee - the risk’s all on me. You’ve got nothing to lose!


Will VidReaper work on my Mac?

Yes, because it’s web-based. It will work on any operating system without conflicts.

If I purchase VidReaper today, will I ever pay monthly fees down the road to use it?

You have my promise you’ll only ever pay a one-time fee for VidReaper if you pick it up during this launch.

Will I receive free updates with my purchase?

Yes. We work on constantly tweaking and improving VidReaper behind the scenes. You’ll get the full benefit of these updates without needing to lift a finger (or ever pay extra!) for them.

Do I need many tech skills to use VidReaper?

Not at all. We’ve made VidReaper simple to use, even for novices. If you have enough tech skills to set up a basic WordPress site, you have more than enough tech skills to exploit any niche you want with VidReaper.

How is VidReaper different from all the other video maker softwares and video research tools I see out there?

VidReaper isn’t a video maker tool. But it works hand-in-glove with your video maker software to help you brainstorm great topics for your videos and give you the titles and keywords to get fast traffic from them. Other video research tools charge hefty monthly fees for the same in-depth information you get from VidReaper. And you’ll pay only a one-time fee today for what others charge up to $500 month.